Cookie production is like a business

In any city there live a large number of people who love sweets, so such activities as the production of cookies will always be in demand. The fact that the production of such a pastry as a cookie will require a minimum investment, subject to the availability of a bakery shop, this is true, but an aspiring entrepreneur who was not previously familiar with this type of business is obliged to learn some nuances before work.

Some history and statistics

A cookie is a confectionery product that is made from flour. It has a porous structure, low humidity and small thickness. In addition to flour technology involves the use of sugar, different types of fats, leavening agents, various additives and flavors. Depending on the idea and the basis, which is used by technology, the manufacturer can give the liver various shapes, sizes, decoration and taste characteristics. The dough, which is easy to form, is used in the production of sugar cookies, adding yeast will bake the perfect crunchy crackers.

Undoubtedly, cookies are considered to be one of the most popular and popular confectionery products among the population of the Russian Federation. Statistics state that consumers in grocery stores from a pastry chef often purchase cookies and consumption of this sweet increases from year to year. Even in times of crisis, the production of cookies has never been unprofitable, as this type of sweets is characterized by the duration of storage periods.

The above facts have led to the fact that today this segment of the market is replete with a large number of competitors, but despite this, even small enterprises and private mini-shops for the production of cookies can be a decent competition to giant plants, because the latter are mostly use outdated equipment and technology since Soviet times.

Conditions for a successful business

Even for a small production, the main issue is the production of delicious cookies, the use of modern equipment and the right advertising. Adhering to such a set of conditions, you can be guaranteed to take your place in the confectionery market.

To guarantee success, follow these guidelines:

  • update and repair equipment in the workshop;

  • Watch the quality of products coming down from the conveyor;

  • use advertising and other marketing tricks to promote your brand.

In the process of drawing up a business plan, the following marketing research was recommended in parallel: studying the work of competitors and their products, the demand for certain types of cookies, and it is desirable to study the pricing policy of the range. Remember that you need to study the competitors in your region, as the preferences of customers in different parts of our country are quite diverse. But if to summarize, then the producers of cookies in Russia on the supply of buyers prefer the children's cookies and galetny, often buyers take cookies on a biscuit basis and nuts.

The process of making cookies and its types

The properties of the dough directly depend on the amount of fat, and on the amount of sugar and on the technology of its processing and cooking. However, the production of any cookie combines a number of common operations, such as: preparing food for the dough, kneading the dough itself, forming, baking, cooling and packaging. From what ingredients are used in the recipe butter biscuits can be: shortbread, whipped, choux and nutty. For each type of applied specific technological scheme of production.

At the first stage the exact amount of products is weighed (according to the recipe). After mixing, the mixture is introduced into the dough kneading machine. For a quarter of an hour, the raw materials are mixed, after which egg powder or melange, condensed milk and water (according to the recipe in exact proportions) are added. Next, the dough is kneaded for another 10 minutes and already at the end of the dough flour is sifted into the machine, sugar syrup with starch and kneading lasts no more than 5 minutes.

In mini-workshops, most of the subsequent operations are carried out by the hands of employees. They first distribute the whole dough into several parts of the same mass. Each of the pieces is manually stretched using a rolling pin for this purpose into a thin layer about 5 mm thick, and only then biscuits are formed using special shapes. The cut blanks are baked in a given temperature mode in the oven. Basically, special shapes made of light tin are used for cutting cookies. Such forms are typical, but you can make them to order on a personal sketch, if you want to end up with your own author cookies.

After cutting, the cake mix is ​​baked, cooled and packaged. Packaging products can be carried out in small portions of a pound (250, 300 grams), and in cardboard boxes, where several kilograms of cookies for weight sale are placed. You will have to decide on the type of packaging yourself, but often in large cities they buy more cookies in small packages, whereas in the regions they prefer to take all the sweets by weight.


Naturally, in order to accurately comply with the technology required to purchase special equipment. So, the production of cookies involves the presence in the shop Z-shaped dough mixer. It is used for kneading any kind of dough, and even for mixing sausage meat. This unit is a bowl with molded Z-shaped blades embedded in it. Such a kneader can be equipped with a jacket if the technology requires heating of the dough or cooling it. The blades work at different speeds, which ensures a uniform batch and prevents the dough from sticking to the structure itself.

If the production is large, then the formation is also often carried out using special machines. Today, the Russian market is filled with such machines, so the manufacturer has a large selection in accordance with their wishes and financial capabilities.

The next step is baking. To do this, it is mandatory to purchase confectionery ovens. With small volumes of production will be enough convection oven, but if the shop involves the production of large quantities of cookies, then pay attention to rotary kilns. When we decided on the type of construction, before purchasing it, pay attention to the time it takes to heat up (the faster the furnace heats, the better it is). The door should close tightly and not have any cracks and cracks, give preference to the model with a heat-resistant seal on the door. Pay attention to the presence of lighting in the oven chamber.

Finishing equipment may be needed if you plan to glaze the surface of products, apply a pattern, make a layer of fruit or cream, etc. However, if the enterprise does not work with large volumes, then the layers, the sprinkling and glazing of the cookies are mainly carried out in manual mode.

When the assortment is replenished with sandy-ozdnym rich cookies, then you can not do without the use of special mixers, which in the process of kneading the dough (liquid as sour cream) saturate it with air. Volumes of saturated dough increase, and the quality of the final product increases.

Often, the production of cookies as a business is a profitable investment and financial waste on equipment returns quickly, but entrepreneurs prefer to minimize the cost of additional equipment, therefore, mostly, the formation and decoration is done by the hands of workers.

Organization of mini-production for the manufacture of cookies

Even at home, you can produce pastries that can compete with an assortment of large enterprises. The main thing to take care of the quality of cookies and its taste characteristics. It is important to add a special highlight to attract the attention of the buyer.

First you need to make a business plan in which to pay attention to the following points: decide on the future assortment, technology and stages of production, equipment, distribution channels of your products, calculate all costs and possible income.

As an option, you can start making gift cookies at home. As you know, all people love holidays and puzzled over what to give to the hero of the occasion. As an option, instead of banal flowers, you can buy creative sets of bright and tasty cookies made especially for festive moments, decorated with nuts, raisins with layers of jelly, chocolate, candied fruits, etc. A positive point in the process of making sweet gifts, besides earning money, is the pleasure that a pastry chef receives from his work. Even opening a mini-shop at home, you will need to hire an assistant with the appropriate education, so that the products, in addition to being tasty and appetizing, must be done carefully and in planned volumes. Do not forget about the observance of sanitary and hygienic standards of safety and proper storage of products and already finished products.

Customers (clients) can be any people, regardless of their financial status and age. In order to attract buyers, you need to advertise your product well. Cooperation with gift and souvenir shops, local cafes, as well as in the storefront showcase your “masterpieces” that will fall in the field of attention of visitors will be beneficial. Make sure that every customer receives along with the product a brochure with the assortment, coordinates and offers. Talk with the owners of local hotels, they can become regular customers of cookies in order to pamper regular customers. If we consider all the above nuances, then the production of cookies at home as a business will become successful and profitable.

Description of premises for production

Do not forget that the mini-production does not exempt the manufacturer from the correct choice of premises. It is necessary to adhere to a number of requirements so that during the inspection, the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Services does not cover the work of the workshop.

So, the production area should be sufficient to accommodate work equipment, take care of the organization of the warehouse and other domestic premises. In the sanitary and epidemiological supervision it is recommended to find out the list of rules for the repair of premises and sanitary standards. Be sure to conduct all communications and compliance with fire safety.

The financial side of the issue

The main part of the investment is aimed at acquiring high-quality equipment, but once spent a tidy sum on equipment from a decent manufacturer, you can use its power for a long time, getting a steady profit. The mandatory items of expenses can still be attributed, renting a fee for the room (about 100 thousand rubles), payment of wages for workers (for 10 people - about 200 thousand rubles), payment of utilities, transportation costs, etc. Also, one of the main items of expenditure is the purchase of products, and the more production, the more products need to be purchased.

Making cookies at home does not require such a large expenditure, but the revenue in this case will be much less. With the right approach to work, the investment will pay off in a year. If we talk about large-scale production and millions of investments, the payback may be delayed for two years.

Summing up, we can say one thing: for a novice pastry chef who doesn’t have much experience in this industry, it is the production of cookies that will be the best choice. It is better to start from a small shop and product range, which will ensure optimal control over all technological processes and at the same time preserve the high quality of the final product. If you have not yet decided on what to choose the PI or LLC, we advise you to read - "the pros and cons of the IE and LLC."

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