Breeding quails as a business is profitable or not - part 2

Among the huge number of proposals to open their own business, many enterprising, hardworking people are interested in the issue of breeding quails as a business. Is it profitable or not to invest your savings, work and time in this field of activity? What you need to start and when you can get your first profit? We will try to understand this promising small business direction by answering all the questions that we have to face in the process of breeding these lovely and very useful representatives of the birds. In this case, we will focus on not only the theory and standard economic nuances, including marketing research and the development of a business plan, but also on important points related to the life and habits of quails.

Quail breeding business - where to start

Any own business, regardless of its direction and scale, should be started with a detailed study of the market situation for the products you plan to deal with. And breeding quail as a business in this regard is no different from any other activity. So, first of all, you need to conduct a detailed study of the supply and demand for quail eggs and meat in your area.

Conditionally divide the market for these products into three categories:

  • supermarkets

  • small grocery stores

  • outlets in the markets of your city.

Analyze the dynamics of price changes over 1-3 weeks. If the cost of quail eggs and their carcasses is about the same at different sales points (consider that there will be a difference, but it must correspond to other products) and there have not been any significant price changes over the entire observation period, it means that the market for this product has formed: the demand for it is completely satisfied. But this is not a sentence for your future business, you need to analyze future costs, calculate the approximate cost price of eggs and carcasses, and see what price you can offer to stores and owners of outlets in the markets. You can hold preliminary negotiations with commodity managers and managers of large supermarkets, which will allow you to calculate with maximum accuracy not only the cost of your products, but also the average monthly sales volumes. Based on these data, you can make a business plan for breeding quails, without which it is impossible to imagine the development of a single commercial project.

If in the course of your observations you saw that prices for quail products are constantly falling, then there is every reason to assume that the market is oversaturated: supply exceeds demand, which makes representatives of this business constantly lower prices for quail eggs and carcasses. In this case, breeding birds is very dangerous, you can face the problem of product sales. You can try an alternative option: try to find a niche in the markets of neighboring regions. But in this case, a significant share in the cost of production will take transportation costs.

In the case when the cost of quail eggs and carcasses in your city is constantly growing (we are considering all options in a stable economy), we can safely work in this direction. You have objective prerequisites for the successful development of quail business.

Having studied the situation on the market and making sure that this field of activity can bring you a good income, you need to solve all the legal issues related to the creation of a new business. You need to open an LLC or register as an individual entrepreneur. The first option is more expensive, and also takes more time, but everyone works with a legal entity, and many large supermarkets refuse to sign contracts with individual entrepreneurs. The question of how best to register with government agencies, you must decide on your own, starting from your intended scope of activity and other individual factors.

Many readers might think that in order to organize a quail farm, you don’t need to register at all and pay taxes. But this is a very serious delusion. After all, the 90s have long gone, we strive to live and work in a civilized country, and for this it is necessary to independently take steps in this direction. In addition, without registration, you will have problems with the sale of products. You can, of course, sell eggs to friends, acquaintances, etc., but such sales will not bring you a serious profit.

In parallel with the registration, you can start drawing up a business plan. On the basis of this financial document, the creation and development of your own business will take place first.

The business plan takes into account all the nuances:

  • cost of registration;

  • required start-up capital;

  • fixed production costs;

  • taxes and contributions to social funds;

  • variable costs;

  • salary of employees;

  • estimated sales volumes;

  • the cost of eggs and carcasses;

  • other important points that affect the operation of your business.

Quail farm

If all your knowledge in the issue of breeding poultry is based on reading special literature and you have no practice in this regard, then use the help of professionals to purchase the first batch of quails.

Be sure to pay attention to the appearance of the birds:

  • the beak must be clean and free of growths;

  • only clean feathers should be around the cloaca;

  • The overall appearance of the bird should testify to the health of the quail.

For a successful divorce of birds, you only need to buy young stock, which adapts to new conditions more quickly and is not as susceptible to the stresses associated with the move. It is best to contact the proven quail vendors, using the advice and recommendations of friends and acquaintances. In this case, the risk that you are deceived, is reduced to zero. Buy quail for breeding for commercial purposes in the amount of 300-500 pieces. After a couple of months with an established sales scheme, they will begin to bring quite tangible profits.

This business belongs to the category of highly profitable due to the following indicators:

  • one quail is able to carry about three hundred eggs in a year;

  • productive age comes a month and a half after the birth;

  • the number of quails increases by 5-10 times per year;

  • birds are picky about food;

  • they do not require much attention and difficult conditions of detention;

  • quail eggs are very useful and in high demand, which has a positive effect on their value;

  • meat breeds gain weight very quickly;

  • quail carcasses buy restaurants and supermarkets with the appropriate departments;

  • Quails are less susceptible to various infectious diseases than other poultry.

Consider the main requirements for the room in which they live, and lay your birds eggs. As it was already said, quails are not demanding to the living conditions, the main thing is that there should be no drafts, and the standard temperature should be maintained from 16 to 20 degrees Celsius. In addition, it is necessary to ensure continuous access of fresh air in order to eliminate the risk of diseases and to ensure high bird productivity. As for the necessary space, in this regard, quail is ideal even for city dwellers who manage to set up their business, growing birds on the balcony. On average, for 200 heads, one square meter is enough. This number of birds will be quite comfortable in the cage dimensions: 2m * 1m * 0.5m. Indoors 15-20 square meters. m. you can grow up to a thousand quails, another 10 m is needed for an incubator, and 5 meters is enough for the young. Analyzing these figures, we can conclude that breeding quail eggs for eggs as a business does not require large production facilities, it is enough to use a small barn in the country. Ideal for keeping quails - these are low cages with a soft foam ceiling and special egg boxes. The floor in them must be done under a slight slope and covered with straw or sawdust. Each cell must be equipped with a drinker and feeder. To make the birds fly better, the room should be practically around the clock (the best option is 20 hours) dim lighting.

Quails must be fed three times a day on a strict schedule. It is desirable that the intervals between meals were the same. It is best to give a special compound feed, which consists of the grain crops necessary for poultry, as well as its composition includes vitamins and various additives. Such food can be prepared independently from cereals, fish meal, proteins and vitamins, but it will be inferior in quality to ready-made commercial feed. Also, greens, fruits and carrots can be included in the ration of birds, but one should not be carried away in this regard, such food in large quantities can have a bad effect on the size of eggs. At night, it is recommended to give more grain feed, which is slowly digested, providing feathery long-term feeling of satiety. Be sure to keep clean water in the drinkers. Proper nutrition, cleanliness in the cages, fresh water and stable temperature are the guarantee of your bird's health.

Calculate profitability

So, the business is established, the quails are rushing, the incubator is loaded, the young grow up, sales agents run around the city and conclude contracts for the supply of eggs and carcasses. What profit can be expected by an entrepreneur who has established such a scheme of work in this difficult field of activity. Take an approximate business plan for breeding quail at home and see what these cute birds bring to us. All prices are in arbitrary units, in the end we get an approximate profit in US dollars.

  • Purchase of 500 quails - 500 units.

  • Cell construction and purchase of an incubator - 1300 units.

  • The cost of purchasing feed, fruit, as well as lighting and heating - 200 units. per month

  • Monthly income from the sale of eggs and carcasses - 500 units.

We bring up the results: in 2 months you will beat off the cost of the bird and begin to return the money invested in the cages and the incubator. Every month your income is 300 units. (revenue minus all costs of maintaining a quail farm). That is, after another four months, you will return all the money invested. These figures indicate a high profitability of this business, since in the theory of entrepreneurship any commercial project falls into this category, allowing you to return the money invested over two quarters. Of course, all the above figures are more theoretical in nature, their practical benefits can be judged only after the implementation of this project in life, but all of them were calculated on the basis of information provided by real entrepreneurs.

The nuances of quail business

In the business we are considering, there are things that need to be mentioned so that they do not become an unpleasant surprise in the process of organizing the work of a quail farm.

  1. All your products must undergo special research and have the appropriate documentation. These are not only veterinary certificates, but also quality certificates, various permits (for example, the right to produce food for children), and a bar code for working with serious partners. All these documents are worth decent money, which must necessarily be considered when developing a business plan.

  2. Sales of products, according to many entrepreneurs, is the most difficult moment in the quail business.

  3. Quails are well carried within 9-12 months, then you need to "update" them to the young.

Considering all the above nuances, you yourself can make a conclusion about breeding quails, if you consider it as a business: whether it is profitable or not to engage in this activity in our country.