Ready business auto parts store plan

The auto parts store is a profitable business, especially now, the number of new cars sold in the country has greatly decreased after 2013, which means that all old cars will soon need new details. Such a crisis all sorts of crises are only beneficial, few people will buy a new foreign car in this situation. The profitability of such a business can reach 70%. To successfully run an auto business, you need to make the right business plan for an auto shop and constantly edit it to fit your needs.

How does the store business plan look like?

Such a plan looks quite simple, first you need to analyze competitors in the region where you plan to open a business, and starting from competition and demand to edit a business plan for a specific goal. A good addition to the auto parts business will be (car wash and service station), but these things are not included in this business plan, read about them in our next releases.

IP registration

What is an IP, how to open it and who can open it, read the article - "IP discovery".

Store location

For any store location plays a vital role, because of his choice will depend on how profitable the whole thing will be. For an auto parts store, a good option would be a place where car owners constantly pass (in the center of the city or near the main roads in the city it will be the most ideal option).

In the business plan, you need to allocate a special place for this moment and if you need to invest more than the planned budget for the lease of such a location.

The room

Here you have the choice to buy a room or rent. If this is your first auto parts store, it will be more profitable to rent a room. The size of the room can be different (its size depends on direct from your budget), the optimum size for a store is 50 sq. M. At the end of the article in the business plan for an example of an auto parts store is the cost for a regional store. If the area is less, you will have to rent a separate warehouse for the goods. In any case, the sales area should not be less than 30 sq.m.

If the budget allows and you want to expand the scope of your business, it will be very reasonable to attach a car wash or a service station next to the store. Thus, you will reach 2 audiences, the customer will be able to immediately go to the car wash from the store and vice versa.


With regard to the range, then this problem should arise. There are many wholesale suppliers on the market, offering their services at the most conservative rates.

Some may be able to help you with the same equipment and offer discounts on large purchases. In the sample business plan of an auto parts store, this point has already been taken into account.

Assortment of goods for the store:

  • candles
  • tires
  • silencers
  • pumps
  • bearings
  • wipers
  • auto chemical goods
  • steering tips
  • motor oil
  • and much more.

This is a list of mandatory products that should be in stock in any self-respecting auto parts store.

In this business plan of the store, autostart for foreign cars, there will be an exception (another rule works here, you don’t need to buy a lot of details) you need to work with such a product by prior order (unless of course you don’t have a store specializing in foreign cars) do not work at a loss, as accessories for foreign cars are very expensive.


In our business plan for an auto parts store, the equipment itself does not take the largest share of the budget, but still we cannot do without the necessary equipment, so we will list the most necessary things that should be in the store.

The amount of equipment will directly depend on the size of the store and the planned direction (it will be narrowly specialized or not).

Without these things, you just can not do:

  • shop windows

  • shelving

  • computers with internet

  • cash machine

Interdependent on the size of the store, you need to choose how many things you need.


It’s not even worth talking about the profitability of such a business, it will be enough just to look out the window and you will see dozens of cars and they are all your potential customers.

You need to clearly understand who the store is specifically designed for, domestic cars, foreign ones, or you want to go to a highly specialized niche and sell spare parts for specific car models only. In the business plan for opening a spare parts store, there should be a clear understanding of where you are going and what you for this you need. The profitability of the parts store will be in the region of 50-70 percent.

Online auto parts store

In the modern world, moving only in one direction is not correct and dangerous, any experienced businessman just tries to expand the reach of his audience and the Internet is as good as possible. These are millions of potential customers, creating an online auto parts store will be a profitable solution that can bring you no less profit than an offline store and will be a good addition to the core business. In the business plan of the online auto parts store, you need to include all the costs associated with it, we will mention them at the end of the article.

Creating an official website will also help inform your Internet audience about planned promotions in the store. In order for the site to bring additional sales they need to constantly engage, for such purposes it is better to hire a specialist (he will be engaged not only in filling the site but will be responsible for promoting it). Social networks for conducting promotions are also great, ideally you should have a group in each of the social networks, groups should be promoted in conjunction with the site.


This will be an approximate business plan for an auto parts store. This example is designed for a regional city, and in the capital it will be much more valuable.

  • Rental of premises: 50 000 rubles

  • Repair: 80,000 rubles

  • Equipment: 140,000 rubles

  • First purchase of spare parts: 400,000 rubles

  • Advertising: 50 000 rubles

  • Creating an online store: 30,000 rubles

  • Website promotion and groups: 10 000 rubles

  • Salary to employees: 30 000 rubles

  • Communal charge: 5 000 rubles

  • Unforeseen expenses: 30 000 rubles

Total: 815,000 rubles

This is the minimum amount needed to enter the auto parts business, for people who already have experience in this field, for beginners this bag will be in the aisles of 1,000,000 - 1,300,000 rubles. Salary is calculated for one sales assistant. In the role of director, you can act yourself. For accounting, it is not necessary to hire a permanent employee; any accounting services firm can handle it.


  1. The first and most important risk is (low purchasing demand), for this you need to have a conservative business plan.

  2. The second in the list is the poorly chosen location of the store.

But even in cases of such problems, they can be solved in the following way. One can cope with the first situation by starting promotions, and the second one can be solved by moving to another place.

If you have not decided on the type of business, here is a list of 20 ideas that can be implemented without large cash investments.

If you have any doubts, to do a narrowly specialized shop or a regular one, in such cases you need to analyze the consumer market in the place where you plan to open your own business (in any case, analysis will have to be done). Good luck in all your endeavors.

Watch the video: Auto Parts Store Business Plan (December 2019).