Popular professions in Kazakhstan

As a result of surveys conducted among companies that offer vacancies in local labor markets, the most popular professions in Kazakhstan are identified. And the top-rated in the labor market recognized, sales managers, IT specialists, production workers and accountants. IT specialists Already today there is an acute shortage of professional developers in the IT field.

Business ideas for Dagestan: the specifics of the external environment, instruction

Business ideas for Dagestan are proposed taking into account the specifics of this region. More than half of the entire financial flow of the republic is controlled by 20% of the population, these are medium and large businessmen who have managed, in a timely manner, to persevere in defending their business. Modern Dagestan offers all conditions for entrepreneurial activity, support is provided to small businesses, and helps to launch new ideas.

What is personnel certification - a full review of the concept, types and methods of certification + 7 main stages of personnel certification on the example of an organization

What are the types and methods of personnel certification? What is business appraisal staff? Where to order personnel certification for the organization? Greetings to the readers of the site "HeatherBober". With you, Maria Darovskaya, the regular author of the site. The concept of "certification" came to us from the Soviet past. The Council of Ministers of the USSR introduced it back in 1973.

What is a deposit capitalization - a complete overview of the concept and instructions for choosing a deposit with replenishment and capitalization + 3 tips how not to make a mistake when opening a deposit

What is the capitalization of interest on a deposit account? How is the calculation of interest on a deposit with capitalization? Where to open a deposit with a monthly capitalization and replenishment? Hello! Again, I, Alla Prosyukova, one of the authors of the articles "HeatherBober"! The main rule of investing is: "Money must make money."

Employee Motivation - How to Increase Staff Motivation: 7 Practical Tips + 5 Major Mistakes while Increasing Employee Motivation in the Organization

What are the basic principles and approaches to increase the motivation of employees of the organization? What methods are used to increase motivation? What are the mistakes in developing a motivation system? Being a top manager is not easy.The commander at work, who distributes only orders and fines, does not linger highly qualified specialists.

Account manager is (definition) - responsibilities

Today, every self-respecting company has an account manager - a person who works with clients and takes care of the timely fulfillment of all obligations on the part of the company. Since in the modern world competition in the service sector is highly developed, the founders pay great attention to the quality of the service provided in order to attract new customers and not to miss those with whom cooperation has already been established.

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Equipment assessment - step-by-step instructions on how to evaluate the technical condition and market value of machines + professional assistance in equipment assessment

How is the assessment of the market value of the equipment? When you may need an assessment of the technical condition of the machines? Where to assess the wear and residual life of the equipment? Greetings to the readers of the site "KhiterBober"! With you, Maria Darovskaya. Is your company's equipment out of date and must be evaluated before replacement?

Case: how to increase the CTR of search ads by 68% with the help of Context + technology from PromoPult

What is the "Context +" technology, how it works and what results it allows to achieve. After the launch of contextual advertising is difficult to part with the thought: Is everything properly configured? And this is the right question. There are no perfect campaigns. You can always "twist" something. The problem is that manual testing of headings, descriptions, quick links and minus one phrase takes time and experience.

How to do business - from scratch [where to start]

If a person dreams of financial independence, the best option would be to open a favorite business. Unlike hired work, personal income has much greater horizons and fewer responsibilities. Simply put - you are your own leader. However, responsibility will also increase, but this is more of a plus than a minus.

Business plan online store - in detail

The first rule of any successful business is to make a competent business plan. Today we will talk about a business plan for an online store, which will include everything you need to open a functional store. Some people think that it’s possible to open an online store not the name of a clear plan of action, but not so. Without a clear plan, you won’t go into self-sufficiency in 6 months, so let's take a look at all the points that need to be included in a successful business plan that allows you to go to self-sufficiency in a maximum of 1 year.

Tax advice - 5 stages of resolving a tax dispute with the help of consulting + 3 useful advice on choosing a tax consultant

What does the law on tax consulting in Russia regulate? Is tax advice a companion service? How do organizations resolve tax disputes with consulting? Welcome to the site "Heather Beaver"! With you, Maria Darovskaya is a regular contributor to the magazine. The tax code in Russia came into effect in 2000, but over the past 16 years, amendments have been made to it more than 200 times, which creates additional difficulties in interpreting this already difficult to read the law.

How to get a credit card "100 days without interest" in Alfa-Bank - 3 simple steps + reviews of card holders

On what conditions can I get a card “100 days without interest”? How to order a credit card in Alfa Bank? What is the grace period for a card “100 days without interest”? Hello! In touch again, I, Alla Prosyukova, a banking specialist with experience! Sometimes, you go to the store: here it is, your dream - a fur coat, handbag, phone or book of reproductions of Caravaggio!

What is consulting in simple words - a complete overview of the concept and stages of consulting activity + 4 main features of a successful consultant

What does consulting mean in simple words? What are the features of marketing consulting? What companies offer quality consulting services? Welcome to the pages of the popular business magazine "HeatherBober"! Duty author of the project - Denis Kuderin is in touch. In this issue we are starting a new series of articles, the general subject of which is consulting services.

Ready business plan for a fishing store

The fishing business has been a profitable activity for a very long time. Good stores selling everything you need especially in some regions are sorely lacking. If you want to become happy owners of such a store, this business plan of a fishing store in numbers will help to get an idea of ​​this activity.

How to buy an apartment for maternity capital in 2018 - practical help + 3 ways to buy an apartment with mat capital

What are the conditions for buying / selling a family home? Is it possible to buy an apartment for checkmate capital from relatives? Is it possible to buy an apartment for mat capital without a mortgage of up to 3 years? The magazine "HeatherBober" welcomes its readers! In touch economist, Eduard Stembolsky. In the new issue, we continue the topic of maternity capital.