What is Blockchain in simple words and how to make money on it + TOP-5 business ideas on making money on the blockchain

How does the blockchain work and how to earn it? What platforms are suitable for making money on blockchain? Can investment in blockchain projects make a profit? The word "blockchain" was heard, probably, by all who use the Internet. But not everyone understands what is hidden under this term. Mass media and bloggers write about blockchain technologies; they are talked about by state leaders, economists, businessmen, earners of cryptocurrency, and all who keep up with the times.

Sheep breeding - at home [basics]

Breeding sheep, on a home farm, as an entrepreneurial business profitable event. These animals are easy to maintain, in the summer they graze well, and in the winter they feed on hay. The usefulness of breeding is obvious, sheep give: wool, meat, valuable fat, milk. Beginning entrepreneurs, future farmers to plant them will not be very difficult when the conditions and rules of care are followed.

What is a quality rewriting of the text - a detailed overview of the concept with practical examples + step-by-step instructions for rewriting articles online

You will learn what literate rewrite of a text is, how freelancers perform professional rewriting of articles, where you can order high-quality rewrite of articles. Hello, dear readers of the online magazine "" You are a professional copywriter and a regular contributor to the publication Denis Kuderin.

How to save money correctly - practical advice

How to save money correctly is a question that interests everyone. There is not a single person who would not have asked this question at least once in his life. This question interests everyone because money is always needed, and always urgent. However, there is one nuance in these issues - money never and never wants to accumulate.

Napoleon Hill - a brief biography and a success story + review of the book Think and the Rich and other books, as well as famous quotes

Who is Napoleon Hill? What is his biography and his success story? What is told in Hill’s most famous book, Think and Wealth, and other writings of the author? Hello, dear readers of the magazine "HiterBober"! With you, Dmitry Shaposhnikov! Today we will talk about a person whose books have raised several generations of successful businessmen and to this day remain valid.

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Get a TIN via the Internet in Crimea in 2019

After the annexation of the Crimea to Russia, almost all the inhabitants of the peninsula began to look for information about where to get an Inn via the Internet in the Crimea in 2019. And there is nothing surprising in this, the modern tax system of Russia is built in such a way that without a number you cannot make almost any serious financial transaction, you will not be hired (although it is illegal), you will not be given a loan, will not be registered in Employment Center, etc.

Cadastral appraisal of an apartment - step by step instructions on how to order an appraisal of an apartment + professional assistance in conducting an appraisal

Who conducts the cadastral valuation of the apartment? Where to order an independent assessment of the cadastral value of the apartment? How to find out the cadastral value of an apartment on the Rosreestr website? Imagine such a situation! You are in shock from the new tax on the apartment and do not understand where such amount came from. What to do?

Modern business ideas for teens

Most of the business ideas for teens come down to quick earnings. In the sense that the main goal is to receive small personal pocket money. Based on this, we will offer you 3 ideas in which you can see the first profit on the first day of work. Choosing a business idea for teens. Spheres where teenagers can realize themselves without financial investments are not so much.

Life and health insurance - 7 simple steps how to insure your life + review of the TOP-5 companies with favorable insurance terms

What are the features of life insurance in case of death? What does the cost of life and health insurance depend on? Where to insure life is the cheapest? Hello, dear readers of the magazine "KhyterBober"! In touch is an insurance expert, Denis Kuderin. This publication will interest anyone who has ever thought about life insurance, health and disability insurance.

What is stagnation - simple language (definition)

If you ask the average citizen of our country what stagnation is, he will most likely not be able to give a full answer that reveals the essence of this economic category. Despite the relatively high relevance of the presented issue, both in Russia and around the world, at the moment it is mainly interested in specialists who are professionally engaged in the study of economics.

Deposit insurance - 3 useful tips on how to insure the contribution of an individual + rating of the TOP-5 banks included in the deposit insurance system

What is the list of banks included in the deposit insurance system? What are the features of deposit insurance for individuals and legal entities? What does a deposit insurance agency do? Good day, dear readers! You are welcomed by Denis Kuderin, an insurance expert. We continue the cycle of articles on insurance protection of property, finances and public health.

Production of liquid soap - business organization, technology works in the home

The expert community notices the tendency of consumers to use a liquid type of soap, the production of liquid soap, for start-up entrepreneurs is becoming a promising idea, since the product has many positive parameters, utility, and low cost. Increased demand allows you to organize your own business, which, with seeming simplicity, has features such as: recipe, technology.

How to attract customers - the rules

How to attract buyers? This question is being asked today by many entrepreneurs starting out in the field of sales. Indeed, without buyers, there will be no trade. But this is not the main issue. Attracting customers is one thing, but then you need to keep them at the windows. This article covers these issues comprehensively.

Profession appraiser. How to become an appraiser? Interview with Anastasia Simonova - co-founder of an independent appraisal organization for the repair of cars "A2"

The topic of this article will be interesting to those who want to become an appraiser, but do not know where to start the first steps in the profession and how to succeed in it. Hello, dear friends, Alexander Berezhnov is in touch! Everything in this world has a cost, and sometimes it is not easy to determine, especially when it comes to complex or expensive things.