Small business is definition, highlights

According to the law of the Russian Federation, a small enterprise is an organization in which a certain number of employees works and this figure depends on the volume of production and turnover. If we talk about the construction industry, the number of employees of a small enterprise should not exceed two hundred people, science and scientific services - a hundred, other industries - not more than 25 people, trade - 15.

Passive income ideas - top 10 best

Of course, everyone wants stability. A good job that brings regular income is good. However, it is even better if there is a passive income, ideas that will help minimize labor and reach a stable pay without any action. We are talking about the possibility of earning without performing complex tasks.

Bankruptcy is - Species

Most citizens of our country believe that bankruptcy is a complete collapse of the company, when a business entity has nothing but unfulfilled financial obligations. The presented definition can be considered correct, but it does not fully disclose the essence and significance of this economic category.

What is price - a complete overview of the concept, basic definitions, functions and types of prices

You will learn what a price is, what its functions and types are, as well as what is the difference between the concept of "price" and "value". Welcome, friends! Since you are a regular contributor to the business magazine "KhiterBober" Eduard Stembolsky. The topic of our today's article is the price of a product or service. The material will allow novice entrepreneurs to understand the pricing issues and understand how you can increase the income from the existing company by changing the pricing policy of your business.

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Business ideas for housewives

Today we will examine some business ideas for housewives, which will give them the opportunity to create a business without leaving home. In the main part of the ideas do not need not have any additional equipment or learn some new profession from scratch. All that is required of you is a little imagination and patience, everything else will come by itself.

What will be the course of Bitcoin - the forecast from the professionals

You will find out what was the maximum rate of Bitcoin in 2017 and what it depends on. Read about the expected dynamics of cryptocurrency quotes in the near future. The projection of the Bitcoin rate in the new 2018 want to know both beginners and advanced miners. Everyone is interested in the question, will the BTC rise to a record $ 20,000 or more, or will there be an expected drop?

What the manager does - responsibilities

When asked what the manager is doing, most citizens of our country will not be able to give a complete and correct answer. The submitted position is associated with them, first of all, with trade. This stereotype was formed back in the 1990s, when no one knew economic terminology and the owners of firms invited “sales managers” who actually were sales agents to work.

Step by step business plan for a restaurant

Many restaurant owners, when you ask them how you got the idea to open your restaurant, respond - "once we were sitting in one place and had a good time" and suddenly I caught myself thinking that I wanted to be the owner of the same or even this restaurant . If you had a similar situation or for other reasons you want to become the owner of a restaurant, today's business plan of the restaurant should help you answer the main questions related to this type of activity.

Debt Coverage Ratio - Essence

Among the huge number of economic and financial parameters that allow to evaluate the capabilities and potential of any enterprise, the debt coverage ratio is one of the few indicators that is used not only by theorists, but also by businessmen engaged in commercial activities. The practical value of the presented ratio is that it demonstrates the ability of the entrepreneur to fulfill his obligations under current loans.

Business angels

In the past few years, private entrepreneurship in the territory of the Russian Federation is rapidly gaining momentum, which contributes to the development of new directions in the business sphere. However, not all start-up entrepreneurs with a creative idea are able to translate their plans into reality. And the lack of the necessary start-up capital, which, if desired, can be attracted with the help of the so-called business angels, is to blame.

How to make money for a student - 7 advanced ways + real examples of earnings on the Internet from the life of students

Many students today are interested in earnings on the Internet. Indeed, how can you earn money today for full-time students so that they are enough for a car and entertainment? Hello, friends. With you, Alexander Berezhnov, one of the authors of the business magazine More and more young people tend to be independent and independent from their parents.

Self-education - why is it needed

Today, people have an unlimited amount of opportunities for learning new things, developing their personality in such a way as self-education. Even if you are a professional in your field, have a big outlook and a serious knowledge base, professional development and personal growth will never be superfluous.